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Latest Press Release

rtist is a first platform to allows anybody to commission a personalised artwork direct from some of the best emerging artists in Spain.

The platform allows access to curated selection of professional artists, all willing to turn one of your photos into a work of art. Once they receive a proposal from a user, they will begin preparing a unique artwork based entirely on that photo.

rtist has been designed to streamline the commissioning process, making it accessible for anybody to own an artwork made just for them, as well as providing an additional revenue source for artists. Right now rtist is only available in Spain, with the objective to launch internationally in the coming months.

rtist is available now for iPhone and iPad.

What is rtist?

rtist is an new platform for commissioning artwork from artists and illustrators.

The platform offers a curated selection of local artists, all willing to create a physical artwork based on a photo.

rtist is available now to download on iPhone and iPad.


How does rtist work?

rtist is a platform that makes it incredibly simple to commission artworks from talented, emerging artists. Users upload a photo to an artist, pay the price that the artist has chosen, and if the artist accepts the commission, they will prepare and send the artwork to the user within a few weeks.

  • Each artist offers a fixed price for any commission.
  • The customer chooses a photo and sends it to the artist, paying in advance for their commission.
  • If the artist accepts, they have a few weeks to prepare the artwork and send it to the customer.
  • Customer receives their artwork delivered by registered post.

Each artist has a profile where they show examples of their work, and explain what size artwork they plan to make, as well as which materials they will use, any restrictions they have, and how long they need to prepare the artwork. They also define a price for the artwork, which includes materials, postage and packing and VAT.

Users can browse the artists on display, and if they choose to make an order, can start preparing their commission. For this they simple need to choose a photo, leave a delivery address and finally add some comments for the artist. To submit a commission, the user must agree to pay the fee decided by their chosen artist.

The artist then has 3 days to approve the commission. During this time, he/she can chat with the user to confirm any specific details regarding the artwork, delivery or deadline.

Once approved, the artist will start preparing the artwork, and once ready (usually in 2 to 3 weeks) will post the artwork to the user by recorded delivery, ready to be framed by the user and displayed in their home, or given as a gift.

Who created rtist?

rtist is the creation of Duncan Campbell, an app developer and art lover. Originally from London, Duncan moved to Barcelona in 2010 and now forms an integral part of the Barcelona Tech Startup scene - hosting monthly events for app developers and running an app development agency called Gorilla Arm.


Where did the idea come from?

Duncan has always been a big fan of art and illustration, and is friends with numerous artists in both London and Barcelona. One common trend amongst almost all of his art friends is that many are struggling in their careers - finding it hard to earn enough money to support themselves (and so having to accept other work to pay their rent), and finding it hard to gain exposure in the competitive art world.

It was during a flight to Stockholm last winter that Duncan came up with the idea of a platform for commissioning artwork from these emerging artists.

“Many platforms exist for artists to sell their own work. And whilst many people like to support artists by buying their artwork, it can be expensive and impersonal - especially if you don’t know the artist personally.”

“But commissioning artwork is different. You immediately form a relationship with the artist and develop this further through the commissioning process. The end result is an artwork made exclusively for you, based on your requirements. It’s a thrilling experience too - waiting for your artwork to be delivered and see it for the first time.”

And not only is it good for the customer. The artist is paid in advance for their service, so there is no problems collecting the money. The service is also priced clearly, so there is no discussion about costs.


What kind of artists can be found on rtist?

rtist is a platform aimed at emerging talent. Any artist that is willing to accept art commissions can apply, defining their own price and delivery schedule. The platform will carefully review all applications to ensure high quality and only allow the very best talent to feature in the app.

The artists featured on rtist are not only portrait artists. Some are landscape artists, other specialise in animals, while others specialise in objects. This range of talent means rtist can cater for many different types of art commission, such as memories of a special holiday, or a beloved pet.


What are the future plans?

rtist is just starting out, but the platform has big plans for the future. Right now the app is only available for iPhone and iPad, but over the next few months the team are working on a web version and an Android version.

The team are also working hard to bring new artists to the platform, organising informative events across the country to encourage artists to learn about the app and signup.