Your first time commissioning?

We put together some quick FAQs to put your mind at rest.


"How do I make a commission?"

Making a commission with rtist is simple.  Once you have chosen an artist, you just need to upload a photo and pay the price asked by the artist, and we'll send your commission off to be approved.  You'll have a chance to leave any specific comments before you send your request, so you can let the artist any important info first.


"Can I see a sketch of the artwork before I agree to the full design?"

Unfortunately we do not offer approval sketches on the rtist platform.  We have carefully selected all our of artists, and we're sure they will create you a artwork which you will be pleased with.  For that reason we do not provide sketches in advance.  As always, you can discuss any special requirements with the artist once you have submitted and paid for your artwork.


"When do I pay for my artwork?"

We will only charge your bank account once the artist accepts your commission.  Therefore you will need to add your bank details when you are submitting your commission request.


"Can I use the artwork for my business or product?"

The artwork that you are paying for is a unique piece of art, and therefore you do not have the right to reproduce it commercially without permission of the artist.  If you would like to reproduce the artwork for any reason, you must gain permission from the artist before doing so.


"What if I don't like the artwork?"

Commissioning artwork is a risk - you don't know what you're going to receive until it arrives at your front door.  But that's the exciting thing about commissioning artwork.

We've worked hard to select only the highest quality artists, and we're sure that you'll be happy with the result.  But in the case that you're not, you're welcome to discuss the issue with the artists and try and resolve it with them.

If you can't resolve the problem, we'll step in and review the case to make sure that you've been delivered an artwork which meets our high standards of production, as well as the artist's style and description which you were shown when you signed up. If we think the artist has not delivered accordingly, we'll get you a refund ASAP.


"What if my artwork arrives late?"

Artists are not machines, and our artists tend to be busy with other projects.  So some customers may receive their artworks late.

 If your artwork is due on a specific day, please make sure you discuss this with your artist as early as possible so they can prepare accordingly.  

If your artwork has still not arrived and has missed an important date, please contact us directly on and we'll see what we can sort out for you.



Got another question which we haven't answered here?  Let us know and we'll get back to you personally ASAP.

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